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Valve tags are used to properly identify valves, pipes and other items.

We offer:

* Valve ID tags in a range of materials. (aluminum, steel, etc.)

* Tags for valves in small or large quantities.

* Your Logo, valve name, valve number and other identifying items.

* Valve tags (ID tags) can include serialized numbers (Number 1,2,3,4 etc.)

* The option of having barcode or UID marking on your valve tags.

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Metal Marker Mfg., is a manufacturer of custom asset identification products providing embossed metal valve tags, labels and cable ties for identifying, valves, assets and equipment. Valve tags can be made to your specifications and delivered on time to properly identify valves, pipes and other items. Metal Marker offers:

* A wide range of materials for your valve tags.

* The ability to efficiently produce both small and large quantities.

* The ability to include barcode or UID marking on your valve tags. Plus, we can also include your logo or other unique artwork.

* Valve tags (ID tags) include serialized identification tags and stamped identification tags.

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Finding the right solution for your asset and equipment identification requirements doesn’t have to be difficult.

Metal Marker Mfg offers a wide range of identification products and services along with knowledgeable customer service representatives to work with you to develop the solution to best meet your needs.

Metal Marker Mfg offers high-quality custom metal tags for a variety of application. Metal tags can be marked using various process (including stamping, embossing and engraving) on a variety of metals (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, brass and steel). We have the ability to mark metal tags with your logo or any other design you require and can economically produce small and large quantities on our state-of-the-art equipment.

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There is a great variety of cable ties functions in homes, offices and commercial sectors. The length, color and material of the cable ties vary according to the functions.


Cable ties are designed to perform simple functions because they are designed in simple entities. The items look organized and neat when they are tied up. Small or loose household items can be wrapped or bundled in organized and neat way to avoid accidents.

Household items can be kept fresh and in good condition while keeping them in plastic bags and tying with cable. There are many houses and offices where cable ties are being used at extensive level. A wide variety of colored cable ties are present in the market to help consumers in their home, office and organization skills.


Cable ties come in a wide variety of colors according to the needs and demands of the people. You can find a wide range of light to dark colors of yellow, blue, red, black, green or purple. These colors represent different categories and purposes but it depend on the consumer. These color ties are used in wirings for easy identification, replacements, removals and repairs.

All the related cables of a workstation can be tied up to make the proper functioning possible and it also increases the productivity of the worker.

These color ties can be used at homes to identify the plastic bag contents inside such as socks, stationery, socks, shoes, trinkets and toys etc.


The colored cable can be used to fulfill different requirements in the market. Releasable colored cable ties are liked the most because they can be released or tied anytime. It is a kind of saving for the consumer. These are recyclable pieces of cable due to which items are tied up in the home or office temporarily. These color cable ties are made from nylon which performs the functionality with good results.

The main purpose of the color of cable ties is identification. There are various types of color ties which attract consumers having advanced features such as nylon locking, heat stabilized, double headed UV resistant and screw mounted. A large number of consumers prefer colors to enhance the beauty of the wrapped items.

In industry color ties are being used only as a standard way to fasten or organizing items in their natural colors but at some places they are being used to identify items. When a feature or creativity on color cable ties is increased automatically its sales is also increased.

Do you need these metal tags? There are many online and offline stores where they are available at reasonable prices. They provide an easy solution for items identification so you can use them where you need to keep different items separate from one another.